Subculture Conversation Service Hanasil Ver.0.00 Release Note

Hello! I’m Kazuma Tamura, the representative of Cuniform Inc.

As of June 14, 2021, we’ve started beta testing Hanasil, an app for discussing manga, anime, and movies!

After watching an anime, do you imagine the story for the next week? What if the story is very complex and well foreshadowed? You can’t wait for the next story, can you?

I’m the type of person who loves these complex and well-planned works and eagerly awaits next week’s broadcast. As soon as the anime was over, I would anticipate next week’s episode and open up threads on the Internet to see the discussion of the previous episode.

Then one day, I realized that this kind of “lingering” enjoyment would deepen my enjoyment of each week.

However, recent anime threads and tweets sometimes contain spoilers, so if you are only watching the anime, your enjoyment may be cut in half if you are exposed to posts by manga readers.

Hanashiru, a fan communication app for manga, anime, and movie fans allows up to four people to enjoy a lingering discussion within 20 minutes. By narrowing down the rooms by genre, such as manga readers or anime viewers, a variety of people can enjoy the discussions.

Create a room, invite others, and join on time. That’s it.

A great feature is that there are no listeners. Ordinarily audio chats tend to be opened by people who are prominent in some way. Therefore, ordinary people did not enjoy what they had to say, but just listened.
Also, their talks are too long to listen to, and ordinary people get tired.

Examples of use are
Beginners: I want to talk about famous works. Want to know about new works and friends.
Intermediate: I want to introduce a work that everyone is enjoying. Talk while predicting the next story.
Advanced: To talk about works based on anime (or “what if” stories based on original works, such as doujin works, etc.)

This service can be used for all kinds of purposes.

Our service has just taken its first step. Together with you, we will continue to improve and promote a service that is easy to use, easy to talk to, and where anyone can enjoy the content of the conversation.

If you would like to participate in the beta, please click the link below to access the test version. (Apple Testflight) (Web)

NOTICE: Since this is a beta version, the following features are not supported.
Push notifications and background notifications
Background playback on the smartphone version
Login with other than Facebook or LINE

We just started the beta version, so if you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send them to us!

We’d like to build Hanasil together with you.